$8 Breakfast at Jeff’s Pirates Cove

We tried it and we liked it!

Okay guys here’s an excuse to get to the south side of the island. We’ve been to Jeff’s before but never for breakfast until this past weekend. We headed down there on a whim and ended up having a delicious brunch with a beautiful view and plenty of space for our little maniac to run wild. They serve from the breakfast menu from 8am – 11am.

I had the Greek omelette and my husband had the New York steak and eggs. My omelette was delicious with a generous amount of feta and cheddar cheese, onion and tomatoes. My husband loved his food too. The steak was perfectly medium rare.

New York steak and eggs
Greek Omelette

The hash was nice and toasty on the outside, just like we like it. Also you can never go wrong with a side of finadene. They have added some menus since the last time we went. Now they have a summer menu and a BBQ menu. We will have to check them out next time!

Don’t forget the drink menu if you’re having a boozy brunch or if you just want juice or tea.

We ate at the bar that faces out to the sea. We watched people kayak and Lionel had free range of the outdoor space. It is both fantastic and rare to find a restaurant where you can have good food, a beautiful view, and outdoor space where it is acceptable for your kids to run wild.

There is also a gift shop with souvenirs so you can pay your bill and browse for booty.

Outside there might be a local craft table if you’re looking for something unique and hand-made.

We can’t wait to go back and try more things from the breakfast menu and the summer menu too! Not to mention the drive down there is so relaxing and beautiful. It really hit the spot for our Sunday morning cravings. I hope ya’ll get to check it out!

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