Staycation at the Dusit Thani in Tumon, Guam

See what it’s like spending 3 days and 2 nights at this beautiful hotel. You can check out my staycation vlog too.

I had the best birthday ever last month when my husband surprised me with a staycation at the Dusit Thani! It was a sweet surprise that I totally didn’t deserve but we had a blast splashing in the pool, soaking up sunsets on the beach and spending quality family time in one of Tumon’s newest and nicest hotels. Lionel got to practice his swimming too.

To start off, we were able to check in early, around 1pm which was really nice because when we check in at 3pm the day is almost over. We got a lot of perks through our American Express platinum (free for active duty military!), including early check-in, late check-out at 4pm, and a free room upgrade.

The room was really nice, featuring a large floor to ceiling window with one heck of a view. It was not particularly spacious but it was updated, tastefully decorated and very clean. We had both a shower and a tub, plenty of towels and extra toiletries. Awaiting us on the desk was a bottle of Dos Amantes wine and a box of chocolates.

Small touches like that made us feel bougie! We are totally not bougie, we just took full advantage of our amex perks. Our room upgrade included complimentary breakfast buffets for everyone on both mornings, a free 3 hour cabana rental, a discount at the spa and a free hydrothermal.

We ordered room service for lunch on the first day and it was the most delicious lunch I’ve had in a while. I highly recommend the fried rice, papaya salad with shrimp and the yellow curry. We pigged out on this food because we just finished our hike at Anao. We were exhausted and starving. My favorite was the grilled shrimp that came with the papaya salad.

Of course in the evening we moseyed on down to the beach to catch the sunset. Beautiful, but crowded because all the tourists have the same idea.

The breakfast buffet is at Aqua inside the hotel and it is exceptionally better than the average hotel breakfast buffet. They were serving actual hot food like lo mein, dumplings, fried rice, some curry and stir fry vegetables.

Yogurt Bar at Aqua

If you prefer traditional breakfast food they have waffles with all the fix ins, bacon, omelets, a yogurt bar, pastries, toast, and cereal. There was even a salad bar and charcuterie. We tried just about everything.

The pool gets crowded. It’s just not big enough to accommodate all the guests. The first time we used our cabana rental but the second time we couldn’t find a single chair at the pool when we went down. Also people did this strange thing where they would leave towels on chairs but disappear for hours, making the chair unavailable to other guests who are actually using the pool.

On the beach there’s a rental tent where you can check out a water buggy or bicycle. We rented a water bicycle thing that Lionel was obsessed with and he threw a tantrum when our 30 minutes was over. The infinity pool is a nice spot to enjoy the sunset! It gets crowded though I only got a solo picture because it started to rain.

The Dusit has a few fine dining options to choose from, including a Thai place called Soi. We didn’t eat there this time but we’ve been there before on a date night and it’s really good. We enjoyed everything we ordered.

The Dusit also offers a sunset happy hour. I think it’s bottomless wine for $29 but we didn’t partake. It’s out on the terrace that overlooks the beach, which is prime real estate to get that perfect sunset instagram shot.

I have never in my life heard of 4pm check out at a hotel but it was the best part of the experience. You pretty much get another full day at the hotel without paying for it! Overall we really enjoyed our stay at the Dusit and would recommend it for anyone looking to have a bougie or special staycation. I’m also glad we checked it out because it’s not one of the PHR hotels. Lastly, if you are active duty military, get on that American Express Platinum train! This post is not sponsored by american express we just really enjoy the perks!

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