Anao Hike Guam

This is a difficult hike down the eastern cliff side of Guam. If you are looking for a challenging but beautiful adventure check this out! You start with a nice walk through the jungle out to the cliff where you get a great view of the ocean and rocky shelf hundreds of feet below you. Once you get to the shelf you can explore for as long as you can tolerate the sun and heat beating down on you.

I heard about this hike through the lovely hiking group Military Wild. They’re a great group to get out and explore with! Also if you download the Alltrails app it will have stats and directions to the trailhead for some of the best hikes on Guam, including Anao.

Length: 1.9 miles

Elevation: 659 ft

Time: about 3 hours

You will need: 5 liters of cold water, bugspray and sunscreen

To get to the trailhead turn right on Anao road right before back gate at Andersen. It’s the turn before the elementary school. Once you are on Anao turn right on UPI Street then left on Gregorio Tugon Rd. The trailhead will be just up ahead on the left at the telephone pole. You can park on the left shoulder of the road.


The first half of the hike is easy through the jungle with very little elevation change. At the beginning of the trail you will come to a fork. Stay right! Then continue on and enjoy this leisurely nature walk before the hard part.

Stay right!

Once you get out of the jungle you will be on the cliff’s edge with a nice view of how far you still have to go. lol. This is a nice place for a picture.

The trail picks up again with switchbacks and a steep descent all the way down to the ocean shelf. It’s not so bad going down! We didn’t see any monitor lizards but my husband saw a baby pig.

Once you’re out at the shelf this is pretty much the end of the trail but you can explore as far as you want. The rocky terrain is uneven with sharp edges so it can be difficult to navigate.

Get to the water’s edge and take in the views. You will not have the shade of the jungle any more and the sun beating down can be really intense.

I was feeling overheated by the time we were done exploring and heading back to the shelter of the jungle. It took me about 45 minutes to get back up the cliff side. It was so rough but we made it!

Feeling rough

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