Guam Coffee Shop Round Up!

When I arrived on Guam one of my first priorities was finding and trying all the coffee because I am a coffee addict and visiting coffee shops has always been one of the small joys in my life. So here I have for you Guam’s coffee shops, their most popular menu items, and what makes each one special! In alphabetical order …


Hours/Location: M-F 7-5, Sat 8-5, Behind Oka Payless in Tamuning

Most popular coffee:

  • Asiga [sea salt caramel latte]
  • Lunes [sea salt caramel latte with sweetened condensed milk]

Most popular snacks:

  • Vegan Ice Creams made from coconut + cashews – popular flavors are pollen in love [chamomile and local honey] and awwsam strawberry [black tea and strawberry jam]
  • Sorbet when in season [dragon fruit, mango and avocado]
  • Olive oil cake

Special because: the menu is curated based on seasonal flavors and locally available ingredients so everything is as fresh and local as possible! I tried the Asiga coffee [half sweet with almond milk] and it was perfect. I also tried the pollen in love with chamomile and local honey and it really hit the spot.

Brewed Awakenings

Hours/Location: M-Sat 6:30-6, Sun 7:15-3:30, on Rt. 16 in Harmon

Most popular coffee: Hot white mocha

Most popular snack: Turkey sandwich

Special because: can we all first just appreciate how cute their sign is?! That’s some major curb appeal and it caught my eye from the street right away. This cozy little shop also offers acai bowls!

Coffee Slut

Hours/Location: M-Sat 6-8, Sun 8-6, 377 unit #101 East Marine Corp Drive in Hagatna

Most popular coffee:

  • Mangler [nitro coffee with honey, cream and cinamon]
  • Black and white [nitro coffee dark chocolate and white chocolate with cream and sugar]

Most popular snack: pumpkin snickerdoodle cookie, get a coffee + cookie combo for $6

Special because: have you ever had nitro coffee? You need to try this stuff the super fine micro bubbles give the coffee a creamy texture just like you would expect in a Guinness. This coffee doesn’t need cream or sugar. Also the barista bakes the pumpkin snicker doodle and chocolate chip cookies herself!

The Hive

Hours/location: M-Sat 6-7, Sun 11-5, next to GPO in Tamuning

Most popular coffee:

  • Vietnamese coffee [slow drip coffee, sweetened condensed milk, dark chocolate syrup all shaken with ice]
  • Hot mocha latte
  • Ube latte special

Most popular snacks:

  • Pastrami sandwich
  • Lox bagel

Special because: I am such a sucker for Vietnamese coffee and this one is legit. This coffee shop also has large tables upstairs and plenty of seating for meetings. Espresso is 50% off 6am-8am.


Hours/Location: M-Sun 6am-7pm, 9 locations around the island and one opening in the BX

Most Popular coffee:

  • Latiya latte [local cinnamon custard flavor]
  • South seas iced coffee
  • Americano

Most Popular Snacks:

  • Dolce de leche cupcake
  • Latiya cupake
  • *New upside down pineapple cupcake

Special because: they are now introducing Japanese vinegar drinks. They alternate the flavors of freshly baked cupcakes every other day and of course now they have their specialty fall coffees, toffee and pumpkin. I cannot get out of this place without at least one cupcake.

Island Girl

Hours/Location: M-Sun 6-6, 3 locations in Yigo, Barrigada and Tamuning

Most popular coffee:

  • Blended white mocha
  • Hot Latiya for Mia [vanilla + cinnamon latte]
  • Hot Jolly Roger [white + dark chocolate mocha]

Special because: adorable little drive through I mean, who doesn’t love a trip to go see the Island Girls? This was the first coffee shop I ever visited on Guam and I was introduced to the wonder that is the Latiya tradition and it is my favorite! I also love the iced Matcha latte with soy milk.

Port of Mocha

Hours/Location: M-F 7:30-8pm, multiple locations

Most Popular coffee:

  • Nutty Hazelnut
  • Vietnamese iced coffee

Most Popular Snacks:

  • Lox + Bagel
  • Reuben sandwich
  • Good morning bagel

Special because: they also have a juice bar! I got the detox me with beets, celery, ginger, kale and apple and it was really good. They are also offering CBD drinks.


Hours/Location: open 24 hrs, large pink warehouse off Marine corps in Tamuning

Most popular drinks:

  • Sea salt Americano
  • Apple lemon tea

Most popular snacks:

  • Pesto chicken jaffle
  • Pulled beef jaffle

Special because: interesting concept. You can buy coffee, snacks, nap time in a recliner and even get a ride to the airport. There are 48 recliners upstairs. They also make the syrups for the drinks in house!


Hours/location: 6am-6pm Mon-Sun, off Marine corps in Hagatna

Most popular coffee:

  • Haggan mocha [caramel and white chocolate latte]
  • White mocha

Most popular snack: pulled pork bagel

Special because: I love the flat white here and the drive through style is so convenient and fun!

So that wraps up my Guam coffee shop round up and I will update this article as I visit more coffee shops. For such a small island there are tons of options! I hope this was helpful to someone. I sure did enjoy getting into these places and trying things I’ve never had before. This post is not sponsored and I paid for all of my drinks and snacks with my own money. Thanks for stopping by!

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