How to style::: Fall Pastels An unexpected fall trend!

Hello everyone and welcome to another style post. I’m bringing you ways that I wear my colorful spring pieces in the fall. Pastel peaches and lavenders are especially popular this season. You have probably seen these colors in fall styles in the stores and yes! You can wear them! I have seen so many lavender and mint green sweaters and I think it’s about time we show off these beautiful colors year round. You can subscribe to my blog down below by entering your email address and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @biglittlelife2019

Wearing a pastel with an all black outfit will really make it pop! Here is a sheer coral tunic blouse over my moto leggings and over-the-knee (OTK) boots. I love these flat black boots because they can be worn day or night. I got them from DSW years ago and they haven’t been getting any love because there is no fall or winter in Guam. Only wet or dry.

I have a blanket scarf with hints of light pink and blue running through it. Did you know there’s a trick to make your blanket scarf a vest? That’s what I did here and threw it over one of my favorite pastel tees. Here’s a tutorial for it.

Oh boy. The cowboy boots I haven’t worn since my rehearsal dinner. I almost forgot just how stinking cute they are! I love this lavender flannel shirt and it goes well with a mid tone jean and stone boots. You can find flannels in so many colors. Check out the ones at Target and Old Navy.

This is a super summery outfit but add some suede booties and now it’s a fall outfit. Throw on a denim jacket or moto jacket for chilly weather and you can wear this girly coral blouse through the fall.

One of my favorite outfits! If you have a boho blouse in a pretty color you can wear it year round. This blush pink color is trendy for any season and the long sleeves will help keep you warm.

You’ve seen this peach jumpsuit before and I’m in love with the colors in this outfit. The peach is so beautiful with my blue suede booties and gray felt hat. The multicolored skinny leather belt brings everything together. So cute!

The classic blogger thing. You know what I’m talking about. Wearing the jacket without wearing the jacket. But the star of this outfit is my mauve and baby yellow midi dress with the slit. I LOVE it and I can’t abandon it just because it’s fall. This thing is coming with me to the grave.

A sweater tank is a great way to transition to the fall and if it’s still in the 80’s where you live, you can appreciate a sweater with no sleeves. The lavender color goes so well with my cream corduroy skinny pants.

This look might not be for everyone but I think it’s fun. Wear your colored summer shorts with tights or leggings. I’ve seen this look floating around and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to put these pretty purple shorts on the blog. All shades of purple from Lilac to Plum are trending this fall and that makes me so happy.

You can also wear your pastels as layering pieces. They don’t have to be the focus of the outfit. I actually love the way this lilac top looks with the more traditional emerald fall color of this corduroy mini dress.

My most favorite! I have saved the best for last. This blue satin skirt is everything. With a slouchy off shoulder sweater and minimalist booties I die. Satin skirts are trendy right now and you can find one in any color. There’s something about this shade of blue that just stole my heart. I think it’s called bluestone.

So that wraps up this post and I hope you found some inspiration for getting more wear out of your pretty pastels especially if you love color like I do. I love that designers are finally bringing brighter colors into the darker seasons. Give me all the colors, I need them and love them all. Don’t forget to check out my other style posts and follow me on Instagram and Facebook @biglittlelife2019

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