How to Style ::: Boyfriend Jeans

This is my favorite article yet! If you follow my blog you already know I’m obsessed with boyfriend jeans and I can’t shut up about it. They are so comfortable and versatile, they can be dressed up or down, worn year round, and look both trendy and effortless all at the same time. It is the perfect jean, IMO, and once you find your holy grail boyfriend jean you will be burning your skinny jeans in the back yard.

So what is a boyfriend jean? Typically it is a straight jean with a loose fit throughout the legs, hips and butt. The crotch may be a little bit baggy but it should not be unflattering. Also they are usually made of 100% cotton non stretch denim, BUT after washing and drying a few times the denim will soften up a bit. Try sizing down one size because then it will fit you properly in the waist but you will still get the laid back relaxed look. My boyfriend jeans are from Old Navy and most recently I got a pair from Abercrombie. I love them all equally.

Let’s start with something easy that everyone can dabble in. A simple graphic tee knotted up, cuffed jeans and some slides. You can also do a front tuck with the tee but I prefer the knot because with loose fitting bottoms you want to snatch the waist to give you some shape.

Another super trendy but effortless look is a satin cami tucked in. I really like the juxtaposition of dressy and casual.

Throw on a white or black denim jacket (or a moto jacket) and you can wear this look as the weather cools down.

I love to wear relaxed jeans with a fitted tank top (or bodysuit) just to give the body some shape because if you wear baggy on both top and bottom it can look unbalanced and unflattering, but do what you want! These are just my opinions, there are no real rules in fashion.

I think a utility jacket would be really cute with this look but I don’t have one I just have a utility vest lol. I still like it though.

What?!? It’s actually cold in the fall where you live? Okay I have some flannel and booties for you. I love this look! Too bad I sweat my butt off trying to get a photo.

Just throw on your favorite flannel and tie it in a knot. Voila! Effortless but adorable. I love these minimalist taupe booties because they go with everything and they’re so comfortable.

Boyfriend jeans love cardigans too. And so do I!

I’m expanding my style horizons and I’m actually loving the menswear trend. All you need are a blazer and loafers and you probably already have those in your closet. I love this office vibe dressed down with some distressed boyfriend jeans. #HBIC

You can put anything under the blazer. I’m wearing a lace cami but I think a white v-neck or even a graphic tee would be perfect too.

You can even rock boyfriend jeans on date night with a flowy feminine top (don’t forget to snatch the waist!) and some block heels. Also I’ve seen boyfriend jeans look really chic with stiletto heels but I don’t own any of those. If you do, then try it out!

Last but not least, if you have that one pair of statement shoes sitting in the back of your closet and you love them but you don’t know how to wear them, yes, they will be best friends with your boyfriend jeans. I love this look (and these shoes!). Any chance I get to wear these studded block heels I’m like heck yea.

Am I even doing that right? Probably not. Well I hope this post gave you some inspiration to style your boyfriend jeans. Here is the link to Old Navy boyfriend jeans. Here is the link for Abercrombie’s boyfriend jeans.

I had so much fun doing this and I will be making more style posts with ideas for wearing the things I already have (and you probably do too!). Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to follow me on Insta and Facebook.

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