Marbo Caves Guam

A family friendly easy and quick adventure. If you prefer video content you can watch my youtube Marbo Cave video.

We finally visited Marbo caves last Saturday morning and I can’t believe we waited so long to go. We’ve been on island for almost 2 years! It was a nice little morning adventure you can take your kids on. To get there you take back road (15). If you’re coming from the south you get to the intersection of Macheche (26) and back road and go right on Macheche. There will be a road sign there with 26 and 15 on it. Then you follow the paved road downhill where you will get views of the eastern coastline. When the road splits, stay left. Do not go straight on the dirt road! We did that and went all the way to the cliffside and had to come back. After you stay left at the fork the road will go for a little bit longer and then it dead ends in the parking lot. There isn’t a sign for Marbo cave but you park and at the back of the parking lot is the trailhead.

Marbo Cave parking lot
The trailhead in the back corner of the parking lot

This isn’t a real hike, you just go walk down a dirt trail for three minutes and it takes you right to the cave entrance. Easy peazy!

Entrance to the cave!
Be careful, it can be wet and slippery

Once you get into the cave there is pristine crystal clear blue water. It’s gorgeous. There’s a little landing where you can hang out or jump into the water. The cave isn’t very big. We splashed around a little bit and then two groups of tourists came and it got crowded quickly.

You can explore around a little bit in the back of the cave. It’s super dark and spooky! After about 20 minutes we rounded up to leave as the tourists were pouring in.

See you next time Marbo cave!

If you haven’t been to Marbo cave yet it’s definitely worth checking out for a quick little adventure.

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