1,000 Steps Hike Guam

This is a fun little short but get your heart pumping hike on the eastern coast of the island. We did this hike at sun rise and it was beautiful. Everyone is so preoccupied with the sunset here they forget about the sun rise opportunities. I would say if you have older kids they would be able to do it. There is nothing technically difficult about this hike but be careful because some steps are steep and have a drop off on one side with only a rinky dink rail to hold on to. My husband carried our toddler in the hiking back pack and boy did his legs get a workout. The way down isn’t bad at all. You don’t really feel it until the way back up.

To get to the trail head coming from the south, you drive north on back road towards AAFB and right after the Mangilao golf club there will be a green sign for 1,000 steps/Fadian point on the right and you turn right there. If you are coming from the north then this turn off will be on the left right before the golf club. After a little bit the road splits and you STAY RIGHT. We went left the first time and took a whole detour through a winding neighborhood and popped back out on back road. After you stay right at the fork the road will end in a parking lot. There will most likely be an old sofa and some random furniture there. You park and follow the trail into the jungle. I think it took us about 20 minutes to get down and 30 minutes to get back up.

The trail pops out on coral rock covered in vegetation. At this point there is no trail anymore. We explored around and went to the water’s edge. Be careful! Swimming is forbidden and the crashing waves below are powerful but beautiful to watch. It was kind of difficult for Lionel to navigate because the coral rock is irregular and sharp and there is no path. Also, watch your step because the vegetation covers pot holes in the rock so it’s a perfect recipe for an ankle injury.

After we explored around here we headed back into the jungle and followed the trail back to the steps. It’s not exactly 1,000 steps but it sure does feel like it. This hike would be a perfect activity for an early Saturday or Sunday morning with the family. Wear the kids out and have a nice brunch and nap when you get home!

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