Hike Tinago Falls Guam

This is a kid friendly easy hike that we love! You park behind Inarajan middle school and walk through some hilly areas before you get to the treeline where you descend down to a waterfall with shallow areas for your kids to play. For braver adventurers there’s a rope that leads you further down stream to a plunge pool. If you just arrived in Guam this is an ideal beginner’s hike. Behind Inarajan middle school you will find a path that leads into the Jungle. Park along the curb and follow the path.

Most of the hike has beautiful views of the southern mountains

The hike is about 1.7 miles round trip which takes about 20 minutes each way, maybe longer if you have little ones. Once you get into the jungle you will have to use ropes to help you get down to the waterfall. It sounds intense but the ropes are just to help you keep from slipping or falling. If you have grip gloves you could wear them for the ropes but we didn’t and we were fine. I’ve seen little kids get down with no problem!

Here’s the rope down! Make sure the person in front of you is off the rope before you grab on to it. You could mess up their balance!

Lionel had so much fun splashing around the shallow creek waters. Be careful it’s slippery!

The waterfall was heavy due to the rain
Another rope that goes down to the swimming hole!

You can spend as much time as you want exploring down here and hanging out on the net. This would be a perfect place for a picnic! We actually went to McKraut’s afterwards because it’s on the way back to our house and it’s one of our favorite eateries in Guam, but that’s for another post. Thanks for stopping by!

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