Who are we?

Parents to a baby monster and a military family living on a rock in the middle of the pacific ocean. Welcome to our travel and lifestyle blog! Here you can join us on our travel adventures and get a glimpse of what life is like is Guam. We love to go on adventures, spend time with family and most of all EAT! We eat at home, we eat with friends, we eat while we travel, travel while we eat. We cook almost every night but enjoy an adventure out to indulge in our favorite restaurants. Also I’ve got a passion for fashion and I’m always on the lookout for comfortable and affordable mom friendly outfits. We’re never too far from the beach so that’s one of our favorite activities especially with a busy body toddler. While we’re out here in the Pacific we want to see this side of the world. We’ve already been to Tokyo, Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong … Have baby will travel.

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